Sunday, 20 January 2013

More square

It is difficult to get a perfectly square photo with a loom that is slanted so I had Lenny hold it up straight.  The result is better but not perfect. However it is a better picture.


Mary said...

Hello again Glennis, it is a much better picture, much lighter. Still looking forward to seeing it completed. Don't envy you the finishing off, it is so much not my favourite thing.

Glennis said...

Not my favourite thing either; however it had s to be done. Maybe I can rope in a few volunteers to plait the edges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Misha said...

It was great seeing this 'in the flesh' at Warrnambool, Glennis. Even tho the new picture is excellent, one forgets how a photo does not capture either the richness of texture or the little colour variations that happen as one moves one's head about when looking at the real thing.

Great piece of work.



Glennis said...

Thank you Misha; you are right about the colour variations. The sections of colour in the multi coloured yarn I used in the top of the tapestry are not long so in some places I wove to get the dominant colour and in others I just kept weaving which adds to the vatiation (if that makes sense)