Sunday, 19 January 2014


Last year I did the workshop at the ATW associated with the Kate Derum exhibition. The workshop was run by Kay Lawrence.  For the workshop we had to bring a piece of cloth which had some meaning and I brought our Christmas table cloth.  Many  years ago I made the cloth and when the plum pudding had been consumed, I gave everyone a fabric pen or glitter pen and told them to write or draw something on the fabric.  You should have seen their faces!  The cloth is about 17 years old now and although it is not used every year, it has a wealth of memories.

A section of the cloth

At the workshop we had to use the piece of cloth to design a small tapestry and much of the time was spent in sampling and producing a small tapestry.

This is my first attempt featuring part of an angel and some lettering.  From there I scanned this image and distorted it to get this.

Then finally this.

The colour is not right here because that's how it came off the printer.

So after many months of sloth and disinterest, I have decided to weave this for an online exhibition later this year.  I have a colour pallette and have wound bobbins and started -  full of high hopes.

Hope it doesn't get too hot again.