Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Tapestry Exhibition

After nine years, I have finally finished studying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am having an exhibition in the crypt of the Good Shepherd Chapel at the Convent Complex at Abbotsford.  This is an amazing place and an amazing space and if you are not familiar with it, do what is standard procedure these days - Google it.   I started this journey in 2006 at RMIT and did a few subjects per semester then in 2011, I transferred to  Warnambool which specialises in tapestry weaving.   I started this blog to use as a visual diary in Yr. 3 at Warnambool and the first tapestry I put up was one for my son who built me a loom.  People keep asking me what I am gong to do with myself now that this is finished; I am sure I will find something.
Here is the invitation.

Quite a few of the tapestries in the exhibition,  are posted about in the blog earlier this year.

It would be nice to see any blog lookers there.