Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tapestry 3

I have finished (nearly) tapestry 3 and I have had  some trouble with the design.  In the first instance, I had the bell on an angle and it looked awful ; so I pulled it out, changed the angle  and wove away.  I am thinking of putting a bow on the bell before I take it off the loom.

This is the small 10cm X 10cm tapestry  I used to distort to get my final image.

One of the distortions; not the one I finally used.

The design with the bell on an angle.

It was much easier with bell straight; not as interesting but easier to weave.

May 26 th.

May 27th.

Looks awful.

June 4th.

June 7th. 

It's amazing how different the greens appear; it is the same mixture though.
Another step closer.