Saturday, 6 July 2013


While in Sri Lanka we went to 2 batik places  which were very different from each other.
The conditions of the first one were not brilliant and the chemical fumes were obvious; however the work there was freehand and colourful.

We saw some of the workers having a nap after their lunch.

Sleeping on the job.

The other place we went to was the workshop of Ena de Silva a 95 yr old woman whose designs graced the ceiling of a hotel near Galle.  The conditions there were much better than the previous one and the batik produced was of a higher standard.  The work photographed was for the cieling of a hotel we stayed at called The Lighthouse designed By Geoffrey Bawa.  Ena's workshop was all about design even the plates we ate our curry from.
Very precise work
The last picture I will add is of a cushion cover which took 2 weeks to complete and
which is sold for the princely sum of about $23 Australian.

Beautiful  work; I bought an orange one.