Saturday, 16 February 2013


Last Sunday when we were walking to a birthday party, we walked past the salvos shop and spotted the most exquisite miniature mesh models of a dress and jacket which we just had to have.  So while I was shopping on Monday, Lenny was at the shop by 9.30 to buy them.  The woman in the shop knew nothing about them other than they came up from Melbourne in a truck.  The detail on them is amazing - the darts on the dress, the decoration around the neckline, the pockets on the jacket and buttons; they stand tall. They are superbly made and we love them.

If anyone knows anything about them could you please let me know.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Marta's Yarn

I am not surprised that it has been 3 weeks + since I have blogged; I think I have been tapestried out.
One of the things that was commented on regularly was the colour effect at the top of the tapestry. This was achieved by using a hand - dyed yarn that I bought from Marta's Yarn shop in Caulfield several years ago.  I bought the wool to knit a pair of socks for my daughter and used what I had left in the tapestry.  My main concern in using it in the tapestry was about running out of it.  However my daughter still had the socks and if necessary I contemplated getting them back and unpulling the knitting; fortunately I didn't have to.

I used one strand of this with 4 strands of ATW wool.  What's left is precious stuff.