Wednesday, 30 April 2014

It is ages since I posted a blog; life sometimes intrudes.  The course I was  been doing at Warnambool have cut out years 5 and 6 about which I was very disappointed. I thought they were the "cream on the cake" years where you got to develop a series of tapestries and when I expressed my thoughts, I was offerered some of the subjects - Yr. 5 and 6 tapestry and design which I was very happy about.  I decided to develop the Christmas Table Cloth idea to do a series of 4, 20 cm X 20 cm tapestries based on smaller 10 cm X 10 cm tapestries using the same technique and idea I used for the one posted earlier this year; and in 2nd semester do 2 larger ones. I  have woven 3 small tapestries and have started to weave the second of the larger tapestries.  Here is the process I have gone through.

The small 10 X 10 cm tapestry

The final design.

The colour is different because it has been printed.

Work in progress.