Monday, 23 April 2012

The Kimberleys

There is a reason for my silence of late and that is I have been to the Kimberleys to see Tim of Tim's tapestry.
The trip involved 3 days in Adelaide, the Ghan to Darwin, 6 days in Darwin then flew to Kununurra for 8 more days then home.  What an amazing trip. The Ghan was great with side trips around Alice Springs and to Katherine Gorge; the food was especially good. Darwin is hot and very hip.  While there we went to Kakadu which is very special. But nothing prepared me for the Kimberleys, the highlight of which was a trip to Lake Argyle then a boat ride down the Ord River to Lake Kununurra. We were lucky to be shown around by locals, my son and his partner, and probably saw things not on the tourist agenda. Ivanhoe crossing was lovely and at Wyndahm it was awesome, in the true sense of the word, to stand next to a 2,000 year old Boab tree. Saw lots of art work and I was supposed to go to Warmun the day before we left but it had to be cancelled because of a death in the community.  Next time.
However with all this travelling I am weeks behind in my work, so will have to make a big effort  trying to catch up.  But it was worth it.

Katherine Gorge
Loved this in the Rundle Mall

Rock Art inKakadu

Mini Bungles Kununurra

Ivanhoe Crossing

Escarpment along the Ord River