Thursday, 7 August 2014

Tapestry 4

The whole of the last blog didn't get published because I inadvertently pressed the jump break button and the rest of the blog disappeared.  Now I know to avoid it.

Finished.  I have enjoyed weaving these tapestries.  My sister said they looked like I had cut them up and rewoven them; they are meant to look like that.

Now for a larger one to complete the series.

Tapestry 4

I have finally finished the 8 tapestries relating to the Christmas Table Cloth.  I used the same process throughout.  I wove a small 10cm X 10cm using images and letters from the cloth.

I then played with this image in Photoshop to come up with a background I liked.

 Then I collaged a Christmas symbol and other bits to complete the design.

It looks a bit dull as I scanned it.  In this cartoon I added the Christmas stocking, made a line from the white weaving and completed the C.  Then I wove.