Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tapestry 3

I have finished (nearly) tapestry 3 and I have had  some trouble with the design.  In the first instance, I had the bell on an angle and it looked awful ; so I pulled it out, changed the angle  and wove away.  I am thinking of putting a bow on the bell before I take it off the loom.

This is the small 10cm X 10cm tapestry  I used to distort to get my final image.

One of the distortions; not the one I finally used.

The design with the bell on an angle.

It was much easier with bell straight; not as interesting but easier to weave.

May 26 th.

May 27th.

Looks awful.

June 4th.

June 7th. 

It's amazing how different the greens appear; it is the same mixture though.
Another step closer.


Mary said...

Easier to weave - definitely a consideration! If you hadn't told us about wanting to do it slanted, we would never have known. It looks great.
I don't know why, but the M looks a bit like musical notation, maybe it is suggesting a Christmas carol image. I like the randomness of the white bits, they could be little bits of snow on grass, or on an evergreen tree. Whatever your meaning, and however it is interpreted, it is interesting to look at. Congratulations on getting so much done so quickly.

Glennis said...

Thank you Mary.
I am pleased you like it. One more to go to finish that part of my contract.

Anonymous said...

Go mum. Looks good

Glennis said...

Dear Anonymous
Thank you for your comment. I presume that you are one of my children but I am not sure which one; however I think I know.