Saturday, 19 January 2013


Finished - minus the hem.  Alleluia.

Although it doesn't look it, it is square.  I have measured it.  The loom is on  an angle; sounds like a good story.


Mary said...

Congratulations!! I am impressed by your being able to keep to your timetable. You said you wanted to finish on Sunday and you have!
You're right, it doesn't look square. I'm looking forward to see it off the loom.
What sort of hem have you done?

Michelle said...

Woo hoo, well done Glennis!! You've finished just in time to start Year 4, eh?

Glennis said...

Hi Mary
I wove from 8am till nearly 6pm on Saturday to get it up to the top then Lenny and I drank a bottle of champagne. It doesn't look square because the loon slents back. I plan to do a hem the same as the one on the bottom.

Glennis said...

Hi Michelle
I have 2 weeks off before I start!!!!!!! Are you transferring to the new course?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Mary.... It looks terrific. Well done you for getting it finished in this heat too. Best wishes for this year. Pat

Michelle said...

I'm doing Year 4 over 2 years this time - this year will be 3 subjects from the Diploma Of Tapestry, and next year will be the remaining 2 subjects from the Diploma Of Visual Arts (if that makes sense?).

How about you?

Glennis said...

I don't know what I'm doing yet. I need to hear from Cathy. I will transfer to the new course if I can.

Glennis said...

Thanks Pat, I am glad it is finished.