Thursday, 30 August 2012

ATW Blends

I have selected a few of the ends from the ATW which show how they blend colours and yarns.  Most of them are a combination of both wool and cotton.  The 2 mauve blends on the left are from the Alice Bayke tapestry.  The  next picture of one of them has 4 wool strands and 10 threads of stranded cotton, 6 white and 4 mauve; I think it was used in the lace part of her dress. I don't use as many threads when I blend.  For my large tapestry I am using 5 strands in my weft, mostly  4 strands of wool and 2 of cotton; I find the cotton lightens the effect.

Most of the wool I used for Tim's Tapestry was ends; saved myself both money and time as I already had the bag of ends  and who am I to argue with experts in blending colours.


Mary said...

Hi Glennis, you sure do make your work slower with such fine wefts. But it is worth it to see the detail you get. I am feeling inspired to go to the ATW and get some of the bags of ends. Then I could do a totally random work based on the threads and no cartoon! Just see what eventuates.

Michelle said...

Oooo, I wish they sold the ends on their website! Will definitely have to grab some if I visit Melbourne in the near future ;)