Monday, 27 August 2012


I finally took some advice and sorted my wool into a proper palette and sorted my cottons at the same
time. At the ATW they use a lot of cotton and linen and I occasionally buy bags of left overs to use and to get an idea of what they do. 

Here are some of the bobbins  wound ready for use with a collection of cottons.  There is my last ball of Marta's hand - dyed wool which I am using with the orange/red colours to replicate the ground.  It gives a nice occasional fleck. I have also begun a colour strip which should, in theory, help minimize pulling out because the colours don't work.
You can see the effect of the hand dyed wool;  I like it because it is subtle.


Mary said...

Hi Glennis, I love the shading you are doing. How does the use of cottons affect the thickness of the weft? Does it make it harder to get them all even?

Michelle said...

Oh, I didn't realise that ATW used cotton and linen as well as wool!

Glennis said...

Thanks for. I use 2 threads of cotton for 1 ATW wool weft. I have been using cotton for ages. The worst problem I have with is trying to keep it untangled when removing it from the hank of thread.

Glennis said...

Hi Michelle
Atww use lots of cotton and linen. I used some from one of their left - overs today and it had 4 threads of cotton of which I pulled out 2 to use.