Sunday, 9 September 2012


A large patch of clivias
Spring is here and my front garden is beginning to look lovely.  Many years ago, I uprooted the lawn so that in out dotage we wouldn't have to worry about mowing the lawn.  I instead made several garden beds  surrounded by rocks collected from my sister's property to outline the beds.  The garden design has gone from native to roses back to mostly native.  It is very easy to look after requiring half a day every 3 months or so and at this time of the year is pretty to look at.

Native hibiscus
A close up of the native hibiscus.

Orange salvia
Here you can see a touch of red in the leaves of the rose called whisky/brandy which has strong orange flowers.

I mainly designed the garden around colour - orange, purple, red.  The strelitiza, colours orange and purple is nearly in flower  and will look spectacular in the mix. I am looking forward to seeing it in flower.  I like strong colours outside the house but neutral inside the house.

I think I am a bit addicted to purple; my violets are still flowering.


Mary said...

A lot of people have replanted their gardens with native plants after the lessons of the drought. I think we are learning to appreciate native plants much better than in the past. I really love the native hibiscus you have. Do you ever think of using any of them for dyeing? Would they be any good?

Glennis said...

Hi Mary
There are quite a few native gardens around here; some of them done by an ex ATW weaver who retrained as a gardner. I don't use them for dying as I am, would you believe, too busy trying to do my work. However it would be fun trying tem out.

Misha said...

Envy, envy! I love being in gardens, but gardens don't like me fiddling with them - I'm a typical 'brownfingers' and can blight almost anything by repotting, pruning or planting. Which lets me off the hook in doing things, of course...

Yours looks delightful, Glennis.

Glennis said...

Thanks Misha; however I won't have the garden for much longer as I am selling the house. I will enjoy it while I can and am looking forward to the next phase of my life.