Sunday, 29 September 2013

New Studio

The new studio has been painted ready for me to move in.  I love it.

The painter at work.

Looks good.

Maybe a candidate for Light and shade?

I will move some of my stuff in tomorrow.  I need to get a new bookcase.  There is a lot of light in the room so it should be  pleasant to work in.


Michelle said...

Ooooo, how exciting!! Can't wait to see pics of you working in there ;)

Mary said...

It sure does look good Glennis. The red is very striking. And I love the long windows. No excuses now for no weaving.

Glennis said...

Thanks Michelle. I haven't done any weaving here yet, but plan to do some Shifu which will be my body of work for That subject. Are you doing that?

Glennis said...

Hi Mary
The red is very striking. Thought I might get adventurous in old age.
There are always excuses for not weaving; assignments for a start. I have finshed the sample I did for the master class, finally.

Michelle said...

Is that 'realise a body of work'? I'm doing that subject next year - what's it all about??

Glennis said...

Hi Micelle
Its about having a body of work, several tapestries etc to put up in an exhibition. I am doing a series of artist books made with Shifu (my favourite thing) because I got one in an exhibition earlier this year. However I had better start the others. Hope your work is going well.

Michelle said...

Aaah, thanks for the heads-up! I have a few pieces that will get me started!
I have a few more assignments to do before the end of my subjects ... to be honest, I'm not feeling the love this year - I'm doing the tapestry subject from the old curriculum, and I'm finding it very very boring (lots of samplers, and not much of my own creative input). Looking forward to finishing this year! I'm kind of wishing that I had transferred to the new Diploma of Visual Art this year instead - ah well!