Saturday, 21 September 2013


There has just been a daffodil festival in Kyneton and there were daffodils everywhere.

Along the footpath.

Along the River walk.
On the hill.
Beside the river.
"Clouds of golden daffodils".

On another hill.
Under trees in the Botanical Gardens.
In nature strips.
In wheelbarrows on the main street.
On show.
The festival finished with a street parade last Sunday which featured the people, schools, services and interests of the town.  It was marvellous.


Mary said...

Glennis, I like the wheelbarrow full of daffodils. I also like the daffodils that look like they are just springing up around the place, appearing to be less carefully cultivated than in garden beds. Maybe they will turn into a dreadful weed along the creek, just like other introduced plants. But they look good!

Jenny McLeod said...

I love a theme. I've been noticing all the fresias around lately. Like those daffodils some are controlled in garden beds and some sprinkled through the front lawn and on nature strips. You've inspired me to take pictures.

Glennis said...

I,m glad I have inspired you to take pictures. The daffodils in bloom were lovely but are looking a bit ragged now.

Glennis said...
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