Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I have been very lazy about blogging of late as I have not much to blog about.  However my studio is built and is in the process of being painted.  I am looking forward to getting in there and getting all the stuff out of cupboards.  Here are the photos.

This is a  view from the outside.  I will get morning sun through the glass doors, lots of it.

This is where I will put my computer desk, bookcases, shelving etc.  It will be painted off white.

This wall is for art work, things that I have still in boxes.  Maybe even new things.

This is the view through the windows through which will stream lots of sunlight.  I plan to have this wall painted red because I have always wanted a red wall.  I bought a wall hanging in Sri Lanka which will go nicely in between the windows. 


Mary said...

Woo Hoo!!! A purpose-built studio. How exciting. If you were a quilter, you could put up a whole design wall, for seeing how your design is going. Luckily for you, you are not a quilter, tapestries are much more manageable sizes and you don't need to audition different ways of putting them together.
I would really like a whole wall available as a design wall, it might even make me quilt again.
I am expecting great weaving from now on - or soon, when it is completed.

Michelle said...

Wow, how awesome to have a custom-built studio!! I can't wait to see more pics ;)

Glennis said...

Hi Mary
Thanks for your comment. I like the idea of a whole wall as a design wall; maybe there is a spare wall in
your house

Glennis said...

Thanks Michelle, I can't wait to see it painted then furnished.