Saturday, 12 October 2013


I have finally put some furniture in the studio and some tapestries on one wall and I have tried to buy nothing new to fit in there, so far.

The desk was free  except that we had to get it which was fun and the dresser came from the local Op shop.  Lenny kindly painted it the same colour as the wall. The set of drawers was free as was the  model.

This is the wall adjacent to the desk with the tapestries that I did for my Major at RMIT.  The idea came from a drawing I had done (the one on the right which also became a tapestry) and the other one was an ink blot that I was playing with. When I put the small image of the digitized flower petal on it, my teacher at the time suggested I weave  it.  I laughed at her as I didn't think I could do it; I still don't know how I did.  However they look nice on the wall. Maybe I should put the drawing there too. I have something special for the red wall but it needs a little attention.

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Mary said...

Glennis, it is looking good! And you are doing really well with Buy Nothing New month! I really like the model and the teapot.