Saturday, 17 January 2015

Last 2 tapestries.

Well, the exhibition which I had before Christmas is over as is Christmas, the New Year and the cricket so I had better put up photos of my last 2 tapestries.

When I had to come up with designs for the Yr.6 part of my course I spent hours thinking about what to weave and one morning woke up with this design in my head, which is how  a lot of my designs happen.  So I went with it.  It represents the 3rd Sunday of Advent with the Angel's candle.  The next design was a lot more difficult to come by.  I was not happy with any of the designs  was playing with so I went back to the cloth and played with it in photoshop and this happened which is what I wove.

It represents post Christmas and the strange shapes are like the ghosts of Christmas. Both of these tapestries are app. 40 cm X 40 cm and took about 140 hours each to weave.  These are the only 2 tapestries I have left as I gave the other sets to the people who inspired them which pleased me.

So, after 9 years I finally get to graduate sometime this year.  Hooray.


Mary said...

And what lucky people your inspirational friends are.

Glennis said...

Thank you Mary. I hope they think so too.

Michelle said...

9 years - that's crazy!! Well done for getting more tapestries done :D

Glennis said...

Hi Michelle
It has only since I have been at Warnambool that I have worked hard. When I was at RMIT I only did a few subjects a semester. The last year I have finished was optional and probably the most valuable as I was able to develop a topic and do lots of tapestries about it.