Sunday, 25 January 2015

Is It Art

My lovely husband asked me the other night if his lastest creation is "art".

I think his reading glasses look great and it is quite inventive.  He dabbles in quirky, or some might say bent, installations.  I did a blog about a money tree that I blogged about in Feb. 2012 called the Tree of Life.  I don't know how it came to be called that as he always calls it his money tree.  However here are some of his works.

He is a very good occasional painter but prefers unusual surfaces rather than canvases.  This painting is done on the top of a table he rescued that had been thrown out from the pub over the road.  In it's previous life it served as a table in the beer garden.

The shadow in the background is from another head he did that he didn't like so he turned it into a
a shadow.  He only draws heads that people his brain. 

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