Sunday, 30 December 2012

Slow Progress

Two posts in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is great to be connected again and to have time to indulge  in frivolity, if blogging can be called frivolous.

I have put up 2 pictures of my progress since Oct.31st which is the top picture.  The second image  was taken today and shows how much I have done in 42 1/2 hours weaving since October.  Sometimes it seems so slow as I am constantly changing threads and  blends.  The earth bit at the top of the image took forever because it had to be woven right across.  I much prefer to do pieces and am enjoying the yellow Kakadu piece and the orange bit which refers to our trip on the Ghan. The colour in the top one is better;  photos taken in 2 different situations is more than likely the reason.

So my New Year's resolution is KEEP WEAVING GLENNIS

Happy New Year to everyone who views the missives  I pen.


Michelle said...

Yes, keep weaving!! It's looking great Glennis - and I'm glad your move went well ;)

Glennis said...

Hi Michelle, great to hear from you. I sometimes wonder if it will ever be finished as it is slow going. Love your weaving. In my first attempt at RMIT, I unwittingly pulled out the shed sticks which was the end of my affair with a table loom.

Misha said...

Oh, it seems heartbreakingly slow - but you are nearly there Glennis.

Hope the country air is suiting you!

Have a good year....