Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Tree of Life

My husband likes to re - invent things and give them another life and as a result I have some quirky  "installations" in my back garden.  At the end of last year, my daphne bush died and it has been dug up and has been recycled into The Tree of Life. My other half has a wild sense of humour.  I will enclose his artist's statement

The Tree of Life

The Tree of life is a rare tree only found growing in locations where it is deemed to be of use to the population.
Commonly known as the Money Tree,  it is often sought but seldom found.
Within the central structures of the plant, you will see how the main branches of society integrate by using the fruits of this plant.
No matter the colour, creed, ethnic background or religion, the fruit of this tree bind the nations through trade, fraud and money laundering.
The example before you is only young and at this stage of development only shows signs of coin.  As the year passes into late autumn, the coins will blossom into notes.

Please do not take cuttings.

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