Sunday, 19 February 2012


Miro is finished; Miro being the small, feisty character on the bottom of 3 tapestries I have to do for my first assignment.

 I had started it when I was in Warnambool, however I didn't get far.  The picture above shows lines over it which I intend to sew on.  I also have some  mentors one of whom thought I should weave the lines. Sewing them on seemed a much easier option and I will do that when I take it off the loom which will be after I do the red one. Although the image is small, it took me several days to do and I am reasonably happy with the result.

Here it is.

Mine doesn't look as happy as the one above and I see that I missed weaving one of the stars. C'est la vie.


warpedart&design said...

Hi Glennis,
These are the types of weavings you tend to re-visit at a later date. You never know, one day you may want to weave this design again, and next time include all those pesky lines in the next attempt.

You have reproduced it pretty darn well for such a small piece though, good going. Also just thinking about those un-woven lines as you did this is working its magic on you. Ahhh.

Glennis said...

Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed weaving Miro minus the lines. I saw some examples with the lines included and they looked clumsy. It might be easier to include them if the piece was woven in a larger size,e.g. A4. I would like to do the background in a screachy pink or other lurid colour.
One day.