Friday, 8 June 2012

Tim's Tapestry FINISHED - nearly

I have finally finished weaving Tim's Tapestry after many months and all I have to do is take it off the loom and make the finishing touches, work for this weekend.   I have kept a record of the  time it has taken and so far have racked up 93 hours.  I used the ATW rule of thumb for costing tapestries and worked out that it would have cost $3, 650 (rounded down) as Tim is family, however it is payment for the loom. That,s motherly love for you; or stupidity. I have been very impressed with the solidity of the loom; it is nice to weave on and the warp maintains it's tension.  I didn't touch the tapestry for about 2 months  and hardly had to change the tension which is very different from my other looms. It is also useful that I can raise or lower the frame with the removable pieces that fit into the base. I wondered about outlining the leaves with embroidery but have so much work to do for my course that I decided against it as it would never be finished.

Thanks for the loom Tim., it works well.


Mary said...

Hi Glennis,
It's great!!! I wouldn't outline the leaves, they look clear and well defined to me, expert that I am.
It is interesting to hear you talk about the loom. I have been communicating with Michelle about looms and remembered that the ones we used, especially the slightly larger ones, used to bend in the middle. It always surprised me how cotton and wool could bend metal.
I'm not trying to say your work isn't worth it but the $20 per square inch seems a bit excessive for our smaller works.
I am sure Tim will love it - and you still have several hours of work to do. Enjoy the long weekend.

Michelle said...

Looks great Glennis - you'll have to post a picture of how he displays it ;)

Glennis said...

Thanks Michelle. God only knows how he will display it as he lives in a caravan; rents in Kununurra are astronomical. I haven't started the large tapestry yet as I have been doing the 1st design one. It is huge. How have you been going with it?

Glennis said...

Hi Mary
Thank you for your comment, it does looks good. I still haven't taken it off the loom yet, maybe today. As for the cost,I had most of the wool but I wonder how much an hour they charge at ATW. When I was talking to Cresside the other day she said she set aside $1,000 for cutting off and finishing the Dorothy Impey tapestries. I have been very pleased with the loom, it is very solid as it is made from stronge rmaterial than the looms we had. And at the start I can get my knees under it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

I haven't been working on then tapestry lately, as we've just moved house! This weekend is a frantic effort to get the first Elements of Design assignment done, then I can get on with the other 2 assignments due in July ... and maybe work on the large tapestry in between ;)